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Plate belt I.Q.F. tunnel and Soakage type I.Q.F. tunnel freezer

Stainless steel Suitable for freezing shrimps peeled, fish fillet,... etc. a variety of seafoods Products rangs; including blast freezer, cold storage, water chiller packaged, contact freezer Speed freezing and power saving and low maintenance cost.

Condensing unit with two stage screw compressor and Refriger-ation system , incl. pressure vessel & valves

Operation for I.Q.F. freezer, blast freezer, cold storage,...etc. A variety of freezing evaporator & refrigeration equipment. Power range from 15HP to 600HP

I.Q.F. Mest Belt Freezers and I.Q.F. Spiral Freezers

Stainless steel Freeze a wide variety of products, such as vegetables, fruits, shrimps,....etc. Greater efficiency with -32 ℃ refrigeration temperature. We design & contract turn-key of whole plant of seafoods, vegetables, poultry. Including processing/ machinery. Also, suitable for seasoning foods.